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"Ultramarine" is the ideal I pursue. Interview with college student illustrator Gunjyou!


Artist Name: Gunjyou

Twitter: @nanashnojo

Country: Japan

Occupation: Illustrator

■Art Gallery

───First step please introduce yourself!

My name is Gunjyou (Ultramarine), mainly active in Twitte. There would be too many accounts with the same name as Gunjyou, and it would not be able to highlight my individuality, so I named "I am Gunjyou" on Twitter. As the name suggests, I love blue and use blue in most of my illustrations. In addition to pursuing the cuteness and sexiness of the characters,I also draw for the pursuit of coolness.

───When did you start drawing? Have you been to art school?

There is no particular reason I started drawing during the summer of college. Due to covid19 happening I couldn't enjoy my college life, so I pass the time through drawing. I think there are surprisingly many people who started their illustrator career around this time, I am also one of them.

I never been to art college but went to ordinary college. Many of the illustrators I know have gone to art school, to be honest sometimes I feel envious them.

───As your name "Gunjyou", many of your works use blue heavily. What blue means to you?

I have liked blue since I was a child, among which ultramarine is the color closest to the sky, it is the familiar blue that I can always see when I look up. As an illustrator, I hope that my works will be as universal as Ultramarine (the sky), and within an arm's reach. I will integrate this heart into this name and keep activities. For me, Ultramarine is the dream I pursue.

───What you are particular about when creating? And will there be any special motif when you creating?

Many of my illustration focus on the character, which leads me to emphasis on "face" which is the life of the character. It's enough to improve illustration if the face is cute or cool, the most importantly is I really enjoy for drawing face, so it’s not painful within follow-up work.

I also care a lot about composition and silhouette. My color is very simple in illustration, a comfort composition is almost depends on character silhouette. I strictly keep the balance between "figure and ground" that emerges through composition and silhouette. So I would like to choose motif that set off the silhouette beautifully in illustration.

───Please tell us about the works that have influenced your taste.

I was influenced by mobile game app “Fate Grand Order”. Many of the character appeared in this game, and most of character design by famous illustrators who are popular now, I learned a lot just by looking at the illustrations, all the character designers are excellent illustrators, I think being commissioned by“Fate Grand Order”is a recognition of the illustrator's ability, this may be wishful thinking on my part, but in this sense, it is also one of my goals.

───What is the most impressive work you have drawn so far? Is there any story in its creation?

This is the most impressive piece of my work. I mainly draw copyrighted characters before drawing this, once I decided to try original characters, then this kid was born.

Unlike secondary creation, I drew it with all my favourite elements, which means it caters to my liking exactly, so I had a lot of fun creating this character, and it's a work that made me consider the 'joy of drawing illustration' over again.

───We mentioned above all the works introduced seem to be the same character. Would you like tell the story about her?

The character's name is 'Diamond Chan', a girl with silver twin tail and and rhombus ornament in her hair. Her image is based on the cool girl with blue color, so there are not too many ups and downs on her face. On the other hand, it is a character with girly elements!

The part I want you to see is the thighs! I am "leg fetish" and often use illustrations to satisfy my hobbies, so this is where the character comes from. I will free play for her cloth when I drawing this character, but I had to draw the legs!

───Would you like share about the commercial projects and business activity you have participated in?

I start my illustrator career at the same time as a student in 2020. Mainly create MV illustrations and tachie for individual. In terms of the business project, I was participated in the production of the "Mozaik Role" MV for Vtuber Ryuu Shen in Nijisanji.

───What makes you happy about your work so far?

Most of commissions received so far fit this issue, especially I am enjoy to heard comments like "I fell in love with your style at first sight, so I want to commission you" or "Gunjyou Sang are my only choice". Since staying motivated is the key to creating illustrations, I really appreciate all of feedback I get, it makes me harder and put in better work.

Finding a good job is part of being happy, but it's even more joyful to harvest affirmation from each client.

───What would you like to challenge in the future?

Currently my big goal is to draw tachie for affiliated Vtubers, such as Nijisanji or Hololive. Although it’s still a long way to go in terms of my experience and knowledge, I will do my best to acquire the skills commensurate with being in charge of tachie!

───Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

I'm the one who should be thanking you! I'm still a fledgling as an illustrator, I will continue to put more effort into creations, thank you for your support!




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