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LaPeonier Goes Global: Launching an English International Store for Doll Enthusiasts Worldwide!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your continuous support of Lapeonier!

Since the establishment of the LaPeonier website, besides Japan, we've received orders from doll enthusiasts worldwide. They've expressed their desire to see more doll-related information in English and hope LaPeonier can provide DOLL purchasing services to more countries.

In order to let players from more countries experience the charm of dolls, we've meticulously prepared and launched the Lapeonier Global Store ( an English international site!

Our sales will now cover the following countries and regions:


South Korea

2.North America

Canada, United States


Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom


Australia, New Zealand

We're also in the process of preparing delivery to more countries!

Delivery within Asia typically takes 5-10 days, while other regions may take approximately 15-20 days for shipping.

The website has just been opened at the initial stage, we can only accept PAYPAL payment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we will be adding payment methods as soon as possible.

Also, we'll continue to provide outstanding service, ensuring that we'll strive to meet your needs, whether it's product quality, shopping experience, or LaPeonier's exclusive content and perks.

We believe that dolls are not just toys, but also a form of artistic and aesthetic expression.

Moreover, if you represent a business in the mentioned countries and are interested in collaborating with us, we warmly welcome you! Please reach out to our business email:

We hope that through our services, we can not only provide products but also become a platform for global DOLL players to communicate. We aim to allow everyone to showcase their unique sensibility and beauty through LaPeonier, presenting themselves to the world. We hope for your continued support! For more details, follow our social media accounts:

YOUTUBE : LaPeonier EN

X(Twitter) :@lapeonier_en

Instagram : coming soon

LaPeonier looks forward to embarking on a brand new DOLLIFE journey with you!


TinyFox's Latest Doll is Now a Hit on LaPeonier GLOBAL STORE!

Don't Hesitate to Welcome Them into Your Home!


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