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All I pursue is cuteness! Drawing Lolita syle girls as my interest ──Nyanpo's creation interview


Artist Name: Nyanpo

Twitter: @onyanpi

pixiv: @onyanpi

Country: Japan

■Art Gallery

───Let's start with introduce yourself!

Hello, nice to meet you, I draw as a hobby and publish it online.

───When did you start drawing? Also, have you ever attended an art school?

The current anime style started after I got a job. I don't have long lasting hobbies, not sure why painting is an exception.

I learned oil painting when I was a student, my art teacher only taught me to draw rough sketches and paint it any color I like, now I heavily influenced by the way I have drawn in the past. Basically I'm self-taught and rely on intuition, but the book“Color and Light”is very helpful.

───Those illustrations of cute girls in Alice style and maid outfits you have drew are particularly impressive. Please tell us about a work (or artist) that has influenced your current style.

All I want is to draw cute girls, I'm glad they made impression on you. I always draw clothes with lots of gathering like that, somehow I just love this kind of garment while the thinking“that’s so sweet”,“I want to draw it”, I realized that I fell in love with this kind of things.

Be honestly I can't remember any works that affect my painting style, but I used to draw secondary creations that weren't entirely my own content, just because it is a popular work that everyone can see, actually I don't enjoy painting secondary creations... I think these negative emotions that prompted me to start creating original works, thus forming my current style.

In terms of artists, I think I was greatly influenced by Yamato Yamamoto and LM7. They all have excellent painting skills, never easily compromise with popular trends and has a traditional style touch, harmonious colors and light&dark, everything is amazing. They became an index of what I want to do.

───Among the motif you often draw, which one is your favorite?

I love the mix of street punk and goth elements based on Lolita style clothing. In other words "gothic lolita punk"? Vibe can be change according the elements, there is hard to tell the difference....Lolita style clothes have lovely silhouettes. Because of its cuteness that can expand my imagination and motivate me.

Lolita style dress is not bulky as princess's gown, and it doesn't need to be feminine or bring out sexual awareness. I think lolita style is a pure element that easily express cuteness.

───What is the most impressive work you have drawn so far? Is there any story in its creation?

That should be the”Alice portrait”. I’m not sure my style level that time, just go straight. But it's splashed after post online, my pressure from painting style is gradually disappeared.

I drew what I wanted and didn't think too much, so I was glad that people resonate with me. It can be said I changed the view of light&dark when drawing this painting, I think my understanding is deepened, also it’s a turning point for my painting ability.

───Do you name all the girls you created? Would you like share us about the characteristics and personality of your girls?

I haven't named them particular, because I'm not good at consider about such details, it is happy to see people named them thought their willing.

But this character('t know why I wanna call her Creana. She has dark skin, I want to try the combination with blond hair or brown in the illustration, I think it would be cute, so I strongly recommend it.

This white character (, is also I want recommended, draw the image of "She is a good-for-nothing young lady".

───Would you like share about the commercial projects and business activity you have participated?

I have worked with Hololive Laplus Darkness singing animation, and I also participated in the "Lipstick Message" project, because I follow my interests, almost activities are related to art.

───What would you like to challenge in the future?

I am very interested in the cover of the light novel and illustration of VOCALOID, I would be happy if there is someone who needs me.

I also want to be a digital prototype designer.

───If you have any more announcements, please let us know!

There is no event to announce currently, welcome to visit my FANBOX ( My creative illustration settings will be released here for free, please take a look if you interested.

───Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you so much for taking time, a little shy anyway. Thank you for attention.

I will continue active at my pace in the future, please enlighten.


日本語版はこちら:【テレパインタビュー62】とにかく“可愛い”を追求! 好きが行き着いた先、フリルを纏った女の子たち──にゃんぽさんにインタビュー!


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