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From spatial design to costume design?! Who is artist Kyaroline?


Artist Name: Kyaroline



Occupation: Artist

■Art Gallery

───First of all, please introduce yourself!

I'm an artist active in various fields with spatial! I want to conquer the world by spreading my spatial works all over the world. I communicate my spatial works through various methods such as maid cafes, studios, cosmetic shops, photography art, costumes, and recently is paintings!

───When did you start creating art?Did you attend any art schools?

I started creating works since I was in elementary school, but I don't remember exactly when. I used to make paper clay sweets that were unrelated to school curriculum. I pursued and graduated from the sculpture major in the art department at Nihon University. I also carve wood and stone, so I can handle various materials.

───Can you tell us about your business activities so far?

During university, I had some work experience in art and photography, I started working as a freelancer right after graduate, I sold my student portfolio to various companies. As a result, I was in charge of planning for 8 stores in 4 years. (maid cafes, studios, cosmetics stores, etc.)

My main job is photography art, but recently I've also tried things like costume design and stylist. But I made clothes with my mother as a hobby, not as a job. I also occasionally accept jobs in costume design. Recently I am also active as a painter in Taiwan and Hong Kong!

───What is the most memorable work (space art) you have worked on so far, and please tell us about any episodes that left an impression?

It was the set for group Momoiro Clover Z's member Sasaki Ayaka's Happy Sweet Birthday photoshoot, I made an amusement park with paper clay. I've been a fan of Ariin(Sasaki Ayaka) since high school, so I was able to create a set that pushed my limits.

As for character work, the director who made it is also someone I admire, so I was really happy to be asked to do it! Whenever I encounter difficulties, watching this music video can motivate myself. After all, I can create something like this, there is nothing that I can't do!

───What is the most memorable costume you have made, and please tell us about any episodes that left an impression?

It's the maid costume from the maid cafe. I taught myself how to make clothes and published it because I wanted to open a maid cafe, and I was so happy when I received compliments for the uniform after the cafe opened! Many people applied to work as a maid because they wanted to wear this maid costume. Although I have always getting help different people, but essentially I was aware of how to expand a spatial work on my own, So when I realized that the maids were keeping the space lively and maintained, I was happy because it was the first time I had met people through my art.

───That's great! Would you like share us about your creative process?

I use colors to create! I often get inspired by color combinations that I accidentally discover on the street, and then expand my imagination to create spaces and costumes. If there is one area where I think I am more talented than others, it is my ability to distinguish what should or should not be there. The standard answer to what is missing or what color I dislike is in my mind. If the "correct" color is absent or if there is a different color that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will gradually clean it up and create an ideal space or costumes while enjoying the process. It's the same with costume design! So sometimes, I don't know what I can do until I actually finish it.

───In your space creations, there will be a rabbit doll named 'Kyarossyi'. What kind of existence is it?

I'm so happy to hear you ask about Kyarossyi. Once, I was under intense work pressure and chased by a heavy workload. Although I was doing a job I loved, I gradually became a lone warrior, desperately dealing with a large amount of work and unable to meet friends due to being too busy.That's when Kyarossyi came into my life.

Kyarossyi is a handmade doll that I brought with me everywhere, to photo shoots, on stage, in stores, and all kinds of places. It helped me keep things from getting too serious and made me happy by playing around. I casually incorporated it into different scenes and gradually gained fans through it. Kyarossyi is a bunny that wholeheartedly affirms me. Since Kyarossyi entered my life, my motivation has greatly increased, and I have been able to create better works. I'm not a business person, but an artist, so I think it's allowed. I borrowed "ssyi" from Funassyi, whom I admire and respect.

───Please tell us if there are any announcements!

We're currently recruiting for maid cafe part-time jobs! (lol)

We have many stores, and we always need more maids. Please search and apply our store: Kyameron Tail and Rabbit Castle in Akihabara, or Love Carat in Osaka! Also, please come visit us at Harajuku cosmetic shop "Tierland"!

▲The interior of Harajuku cosmetic store "Tierland".

───Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you very much for supporting me! It is because of all of you who have been watching to my work that I am able to continue to strive forward! I will continue to work hard In the future and hope everyone enjoy my art!


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