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Express yearning and instant emotions through art work. Interview with illustrator Tubameshi!


Artist Name:Tubameshi




Occupation: Illustrator

■Art Gallery

───First of all, please introduce yourself!

Nice to meet you! My name is Tubameshi! I draw as a hobby for operate at my pace!

───When did you start drawing? Have you been to art school?

I've been drawing since I can remember, and yes I went to an art school, but I didn't like studying, so I didn't learn anything there... I'm mostly self-taught.

───Would you mind share about your lifestyle?

Almost I work at part-time, and I draw on the weekend when I have a commission. Other than that, I would play games, or draw anything I like, I do what I love.

───Please tell us about works that have influenced you.

The one who influenced me was the illustrator Mr. Hidari. His illustrations have detailed descriptions and delicate textures. His paintings of men and women regardless of age, especially the gentle description of girls had a great influence on me when I was still a primary school student.

───What is the most impressive work you have drawn so far? Is there any story in its creation?

It's this work.

It's a bit embarrassing, I was being harassed as a student when I drew this work,it was a very painful memory. I was hard to find help, so I drew it in my work... I was very impressed because when I published this work named "Leave me alone", I got a response like never before. Sorry for the dark episode.

───It seems that there are many works with "girls" as the motif in your works. What is the most persistent part of your creation?

There is no particular attachment, but I feel that I am easily dominated by emotions. so , my emotions will be reflected when I create, Through the works, the things I feel or the longing are transformed into tangibles. Therefore, it might be easier to create if the model is a girl.

───This painting posted on twitter is impressive... How did you feel when you drew this work?

As for this work, I drew it to change my mood between work, so I don’t have anything in particular to say…

───Would you like share about the commercial projects and business activity you have participated?

▶ Nijisanji / Elu "If I could become someone's heart" MV illustration

▶Aoi Kubo I drew a part of the illustration of "Nobody Knows Heart Story" from the anime "Deji Meets Girl". (chorus part and thumbnail)

▶Langley's original song "Arsonist" and other 8 songs MV illustrations.

▶ Mi → RiSE116 VTuber unit "Silent Emotion"

In charge of live2d portraits for Mera Hanaya, Ichika Hyusame, and Sayomaru Komurasaki

▶Original goods sold by Village Vanguard (sale has ended)

▶ From one piece boutiques“favorite”

Sale of original set-up clothes (on sale)

I'm doing various other projects.

───What would you like to challenge in the future?

I would like to participate in various projects. Also like to be involved in a lot of VTuber work. I would like to do exhibitions and other activities that I have been invited to do but have not been able to do as a student.

───Any announcements here?

Although it is still a few days before the release, products will start selling in the near future. I will announce it on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, hope everyone stay tuned, thank you.

───Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you for always following my work. Thanks to everyone's support, various activities can be carried out. I will continue to work at my own pace, so please feel free to support me gently!



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