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Sexy, cool and cute Black girls are Charismatic - Interview with Japanese creator GODTAIL!


Artist Name:GODTAIL

Twitter: @GODTAIL_T


Country: Japan


■Art Gallery

───First of all, let’s get start with introduce your self!

My name is GODTAIL. I used to be a company employee, doing concepts for commercial openings and character design for games, and my company called godtail is also celebrating its fifth anniversary!

───Please tell us about the commercial projects you have participated in and your business history.

『TBS「Lincoln」Concept art』

『「Zakkuri TV」Offer by au』

『Nissin Ramen「Devil's butter corn」』

『Yumi Matsutoya「The City In The Deep Sea」PV Anime』

『Pocketmon BDSP Design』

『One Piece Odyssey Video Design』


『Nogizaka46「want to watch the soccer game」CM anime character design』etc…

───When did you start drawing? Have you ever been an art school?

I remember that I liked drawing since I was 3 years old, and used to doodle, but I stopped doodling because my parents told me that I wouldn't be able to make a living from drawing.

However, when I showed my doodling to best friend from high school, he said 'You can do it', so I decided to go to Osaka University of Arts. I entered the film major because I didn't study drawing, my skill does not able to entering design or art major at that time. I seriously taught myself draw when I entered a game company at the age of 23.

───When we looked your works would felt that many of them were based on the theme of sexy and cool women. How do you develop your style?

I’ve been to America for an event before, during that period my work are usually motifs of rugged men and gods, I didn't draw many women. But one of the local asked me, “Why don't you draw women?”

Although I only showed two or three types drawings of women at that event, but they were quite popular. Then I decided to draw a woman illustration, and when I did it, it was a buzz on Instagram..There is no doubt that is the outset.

───Could you tell us about the characteristics of your own style?

Mainly I draw Black in a cute way, so I get a lot of feedback from overseas (especially from Black). I realize there are not much illustrators in Japan who draw Black.

Also, I take care not to make it look weird or vulgar even when drawing nudes. I'm also particular about the way to expressing the ruthlessness and curvaceousness that women have. I will never paint with an obscene perspective, but to show that there's a cool way to approach things, depending on how I draw it and how I express it.

───What is the message you want to convey through your work?

I often doodle, but some of works doesn't use special technique. Think differently, can you guarantee you can definitely draw a good work with technique?..I am upset with this. You can still draw good "pictures"without special technique (that place is just draw some words), even if the elements that should not appear in the original place, but picture does not show a sense of incongruity. I want to let the audience say "that’s also awesome" through the work (I pray you think so)

I also like to make God wear sneakers, and I hope that people will feel that this kind of contrast is 'cool'.

───What is the most impressive work you have drawn so far?

It's this work called‘Desert Sea’. I liked it particularly and hung it in my bedroom.

I think it’s the best play in my work for composition, the softness and the light control. Furthermore, I using the golden ratio, drew it with the intention that everyone will find it beautifully and nicely when they see it.

It is printed on the steel, the outline is float can be touched, they also do not deteriorate.

───The original character 'EVE-chan' who also appeared in your previous work, please tell us more about her personality and features.

EVE-chan is a beautiful girl with strong black genes, and her hair is afro.

She is aggressive, cool, erotic, unyielding, excellent motor nerves, she is usually stunningly cool but has cute display, also has an animal-loving side. (with the magical power to tame beasts)

───Your first solo exhibition "GODTAIL Exhibition 2023" launched in early 2023, how was it?

Although the exhibition hasn't finished yet, but I'm very happy that people are taking the time to look at my work and purchase it. Meet new friends through the exhibition, have new opportunities, even new exhibitions, etc., it was quite laborious, I am glad I gave it a try.

───If you have any more announcements, please let us know!

Currently it is arranged like this:

February: lend my work 'sea' to be exhibited six-month in the VIP room at Kobe gallery

Early March: Solo exhibition at the Moxy Hotel in Osaka

End of March: Group exhibition in Shanghai

April: Solo exhibition at Osaka 009

May: Participated in Tokyo Comic-Con

End of July: Event in Hong Kong

End of August: Solo exhibition at Daimaru Umeda

So I'm going to be busy this year! If you were not able to come to Tokyo for the GODTAIL Exhibition 2023, please come and see us if you have the time.

───Thank you very much for the interview! Any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

This year, I am challenged to present my work to the world, and I will try to be a creator that people who buy my work proud of,I will always create works that I should pursue. Painting will be the main theme of my life, so please keep focus on me henceforth.


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