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Dream job was growing vegetables in the universe? Interview with illustrator ERR03


Artist name: ERR03

Twitter: @ERR03


Country: China

Occupation: freelance illustrator & game developer

■Art Gallery

─── First of all, please introduce yourself!

Hello everyone, I'm ERR03, but this name is really hard to pronounce so I took the first E and last characters 3 to combination for Chinese pen name - Yi San(伊弎), it’s sound like number 13 in Chinese so you can also call me 13. I have just graduated from art university and will soon become a wage slave. although I majored in animation, but actual direction is manga illustration, also learned games conceptual design by myself , my future occupation will also be in this field. My dream is to make works that can impress many people.

─── We can see that you like space themes through your work, are there any works that have influenced you? If so, would you mind tell us the details? And what kind of space stories would you like to write about?

Actually, I am interested in modern industrial or technological goods, perhaps because I liked to take things apart when I was a child. My family had a disused CRT TV at home long times ago, I spent an afternoon dismantling it where family permitted. This kind of industrial product it’s rigorous, delicate and have aesthetic taste, really tattoo on my brain.

There are two works really influenced me on space theme, the one is “Interstellar”and the other is HJL's personal art collection” ETHER AIRLINE”. The visual performance of cosmic phenomena such as wormholes and black holes in“Interstellar”was amazing at the time. The black hole depicted in the movie was surprisingly similar to the recently discovered black hole photograph, I was very moved by the gravity and love that spanned time and space in the movie. HJL's "ETHER AIRLINE" let me see the height that can be achieved as a picture book, from notepad to some accompanying drawing posters, etc., as if the objects in the story were brought to me.

─── Your illustrations feel neat and tidy, there are even many details that look like the real thing, how do you achieve it?

I think probably is because - I'm lazy. Yes, I don't like to spend too much time on outlining, shaping and detailing, which is a very boring process to me, therefore I have always focused on how to express details or textures more simply, and I will observe and summarize the things rules and essence. For instance of outlining, it does not exist in real life, so what are these lines in a painting? There are a lot of different scenarios, the most common being projection, such as the sewing line on a garment, where the top layer of fabric covers the bottom layer and creates a very narrow projection, it's creating a visual effect like a line. There are many different cases of lines, such as material characteristics, inherent colour, volume etc., which I won't go into here. In general, it is a matter of observing real life and thinking about essence, apply the conclusion to the drawing.

─── The scenes in your arts are usually the extraordinary in the dailylife how do you find inspiration and frame the picture?

Music! Music is essential during my creation. various type of music brings out a completely different emotion to me, which directly determines the mood (or atmosphere) of the next work, it is art soul. Once the soul is determined, while listening to the music some of blurred images will come to mind(some creators are able to brainstorm the clear images), so what you need to do next is to watch lot of pictures to clarify these blurred images.(Research) The reference website I usually use is Pinterest, and also look at other creators' work to find the feeling I want. Now your sketch it’s actually very concrete, subsequent composition and other steps depend on the creators skills.

As for theme matter, I would like to say it requires the creator to learn about various fields of knowledge, and to put it bluntly, most of our brains cannot really create something that has never existed before (many alien films are also humanoid or other biological structures), they are all spliced from things we have seen. Creator’s knowledge is like card game, the more cards you have, the more opportunities you owner, maybe you can find your trump card.

─── What kind of images do you aim to create? What kind of work does it take to satisfy you?

I have to admit that among the works I have created so far, there are very few works that satisfy me. Maybe it's my personality, I am fascinated by between the ordinary and the unusual, it’s quiet, lonely but full of beautiful moments, and I want to convey that feeling to everyone.

I'm also very interested in a stable system in an unusual environment, like growing vegetables in space, which requires all kinds of equipment and facilities, personnel arrangements, etc. This system is very interesting as rich and complete as Monster Hunter. I think that if I can design the entire system with enough perfection with details, express the feeling mentioned above equally, it will be a satisfactory work to me.

─── Would you like tell us your favourite OC(original characters) in your work? And what’s the story?

My favourite character is Hebi, she is the main characters in my graduation project "File 0: The Icarus".She got a perfect score on written of her license, however, she often made small mistakes in the practical which caused her results were not that well but barely pass, therefore, she was sent as an intern on the Icarus. She is a big-hearted with a very cheerful personality who is particularly fond of mechanical things and is always very reliable in critical situations, however, she often occur small mistakes in daily affairs, which makes people whether to laugh or cry.

By the way Hebi hates tomatoes.

─── Please tell us your favourite work of animation, manga or game!

My favourite anime is still“Fate's Gate”. In anime Kyoma face to predetermined fate, across the time persistent to save Mayuri and Kyoma’s assistant which is touched me deeply, it’s somehow similar to “Interstellar” brings to me.

In addition, I have to mention the manga "Made in Abyss", the whole design and the courage to keep delve into are fascinating, I can say "Made in Abyss" is the perfect work for my imagination, and I'm looking forward to new chapter released in July 2022. It's really hard for me to choose between these two works, but perhaps it's because“Fate's Gate”was the one I hid my bed and watched it through night, the memories always have a nice filter.

─── We noticed that you likes to use the word‘wage slave’ on social media, is there something you want to change about the current life?

Haha, actually the "wage slave" is more of tease for me, I think it's sound boring to say I'm an employee, for summary I am quite satisfied with my current situation.

─── Would you mind share us what your current schedule is like?

Although I've graduated and ready for going to work at time, but I'm still waiting for my certificate, so it’s not too different from I was at school.

I wake up at eight or nine in the morning, check my phone in bed, then sit in front of the computer all day except lunch and dinner, maybe playing games or watch videos, basically drawing in the afternoon, and in the evening I might watch or continue drawing. In general, I'm just face to computer every day, go to restaurants with friends occasionally, lead a very unhealthy life (lol).

─── Tell us about the projects or merchandise you've worked on, what kind of commercial or creative projects that you hope to achieve in the future?

As an intern I've worked on a game project, also have outsourced experiences with a company, but I can't tell the details at the moment. I would like to mass-produce and sell my graduation design "File 0: The Icarus" someday, but it is a highly customised piece with a lot of hand-crafting, so I'm afraid it's just dreaming.

─── Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

The process of creation is like a cultivate, it requires skill but also the willing. It’s all worthwhile when you finished work, the joy for completed work is enough to forget hardships of the process.


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