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Student illustrator BromiNeco who are good at Storytelling and colorful pictures from the CAA


Artist Name: BromiNeco


Country: China

University: China Academy of Art

Major: Design relate major

■Art Gallery

―― We like to start hear you introduce first, how is your name come from?

Hi everyone, I'm Bromineco(yes I agree it’s complex name), usually work as a freelance illustration and soon graduate from the China Academy of Art. Bromineco is from bromine and neco (cat in Japanese), I've forgotten all about chemistry knowledge but I remember learning in secondary school that bromine is orange color and to combination those two words makes orange cat! Bromineco is used on Twitter and ins because most people there type on English.

―― Can you tell us how your current major has influenced your style or thinking way?

Maybe it’s bit help for typography thinking and silhouette, I chose this major when I didn't know enough, sadly I never have opportunity to draw at all, but I won't reveal the specific major here.

―― Your work is richly coloured also storytelling with dynamic visual, how did you develop your current style?

Actually I’m a poor sense of colour... My mom was jokes my watercolors have almost no color when I in junior high school, and my score of watercolor skill is really shitty between other 2 subjects. In contrast, I am good at sketching, so you can see that my drawing style is layer approach with lined-up, for colours I try to brave my self gonna dominate color, it’s more like "to army my weak with strong colours" . To be honesty I had intended to paint that realistic scenes like dark and heavy, but now it seems I'm perfectly out of the track.

As for the dynamics and storytelling, it was probably due to my ambition to draw greatest scenes and manga on junior high school. Although my skills was unripe at that time, I just stubbornly thought that "it’s boring to draw only portrait" be determined to draw something narrative, so I didn't focus on characters' faces that much. Even though I not really on track of manga and scenes yet, but I've retained to make the work storytelling. Also because it’s mind-twisting for character costume design, I tend to play strengths for storytelling. (lol) I'm the kind of person who says, "I've got an idea with image! I must to draw it!" then even to replenish the story for that image.

―― Would you like introduce about your OC and story background?

I've been drawing oc's since basically 2021, so I'll pick a few of my favourites here. As the Shepherd one is a story about the survivors turning to magic and natural civilisation when technological civilisation has been destruction. It’s old but I really like the final screen, it feels very bright and positive with whole performance, but if you look closely, the protagonist's hand that releases magic is a grafted prosthesis.

In "Two Maniacs" is a serial killer fighting with a police in lavatory, a "maniac" is smiling murderer, another“maniac” is the police officer who ignores the arrest procedure and tries to execute the prisoner, although I have added a wanted notice on the wall next to suggest his identity, but I admire people's imagination when I see their various conjectures about his identities in the comments section.

―― Does art help you in other field of your life?

I often imagine what objects look like from different angles...... To be honest, it's probably worked on dressing taste, or people at art school they are often let me indulged in the charms of art about dressing.

―― How do you find inspiration during the creation?

I will give priority of the most impressive meme or design in movies, novels, comics and games etc. For "Two Maniacs" I was just catch on film“Joker”that time and very impressed with that lavatory.....Also shopping websites and street trend magazines, some of the perspectives and compositions are very interesting, including some special poses, objects and so on, maybe it's because I'm used to painting some life themes and not very good at fantasy stuff!

―― How do you manage your study and life as an artist?

Glad you call me an artist but I should keep humble.(lol) I specified indicators like I’m gonna do at least one of full illustration a month, if I don't do it this month, that would be two piece next month, and so on.

―― Tell us about an artist or work you admire!

Masashi Kishimoto and Hiroaki Samura probably had the greatest influence on me. "Naruto" was the first animation work I road, and I feel lucky it's awesome work. Masashi Kishimoto was an inspiration to me about perspective and composition at that time, I believe " this is how paintings should be", that's how my pursuit of special perspectives began. I also read manga by Hiroaki Samura's “Blade of the Immortal” during the same period, it struck me even more, as it was so unrestrained. It made me feel as if drawing was just a photographic, as if all you had to do was press the shutter and you get picture. When I still struggling with how to shape the structure and how to draw dynamics, Mr. Samura was completely free to choose the camera position. I was so impressed for his drawing skills has caused me to often be attracted by manga and forget to read the text, It is really amazing, even now I still often revisit his comics. I often think "I will have no regrets in my life if i can draw such a dynamic work like him", and I hope there will be such a day!

In addition to the above two, if you look at my Twitter and follow lists you will know that there are many other artists I like! I’m very exciting seeing everyone's art work on Twitter, it motivates me to draw great works!

―― Tell us about your favourite anime, comic, game works or literary works, and movies!

Besides“Naruto”and "Blade of the Immortal" , I like the plain and leisurely narrative style such as "Natsume's Book of Friends" and "Kino's Journey: the Beautiful World". The latter's parable story was the convulsion on mind at the time. I really liked the story background and the form of group drama like "Baccano!" . Every character is portrayed vividly, the animation is super amazing, and the ending song is so impressive! "Blood Blockade Battlefront" is also a work I like very much in terms of story background. By this rule, I found myself has a preference for urban backgrounds.(lol)

I'm late to the game so all I like are some new games, I played mobile games include "Girls Frontline". AVG games such as“to the moon”, “Ace Attorney”, “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim”, some of RPG games like "Persona 5" and "Xenoblade", "The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the wild", "splatoon" series, etc... To sum up, I will choose the game based on my preference for plot content and art style.

For the novel, I like "The Godfather", and its movie version should be my suit enlightenment, which led me to draw suits for a long time. There are also "The Alchemist" and "The Three-Body Problem".

―― Are you a BJD doll owner or action figure player? Would you like talk about any attempts you've done for hobby?

Yes, I have tweeted about it occasionally, and more on Instagram. I loved doing handicrafts since I was a child.When I was in elementary school, I secretly used the old-fashioned big saw at home to build a model log house. Now even bought a 3d printer trying some digital sculpting in order to materialize my original character, Also in course project often make some models for private reasons.

―― What would your fans say about your work?And how do you evaluate your work?

Perhaps they find my colour range and drawing perspective more distinctive. I think there are still a lot of issues that could be improved in each of my art, and opportunistic sometimes... But it's reassuring to know that I'm growing and improvement.

―― If you were to commercialise your work, what kind of formats would you like to try?

I think it's good use to books, figures and games... It's exciting if I could touch my work physically, certainly even through games are virtual distant but I can feel everything deeply into the game world.

―― Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you all for reading this article! I feel myself is chatty... all I want to say is I hope everyone enjoy being creator of their own world!


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