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TerepaInterview33:Interview with Korean illustrator EB十 who is super good at drawing cute sexy girl!


Artist Name:EB十



Country: South Korea

Occupation: Freelance illustrator

■Art Gallery

─── First of all, let's start with introduce yourself!

My name is EB十 and I'm an illustrator, mainly drawing cool and beautiful girls.

─── When did you start learn drawing? And what made you to be freelance illustrator?

I've loved drawing since I was a little girl! I had already done a lot of sketchbooks til I am six years old. The opportunity for became a freelance illustrator I think it would be I post illustrations on my social account and the industry contacted me for commission, So I became a freelance illustrator.

─── Did you learn painting through art school? have you work on related industry (e.g. animation, games, etc.)?

No, I didn't go to art school, It’s completely self-study from the zero.

But I wish to work for animation or game company one day.

─── How did you explore and master your style? Do you have any tips for beauty girls illustrations?

I used to follow the trends before, along the way I received some pointers on techniques. Later, I started learn how to reflect realistic beautiful girls in my illustrations, through trace photos. I prefer to create a slightly erotic atmosphere when drawing beautiful girls, so I put more effort of drawing muscles and fatty texture.

─── Is it common to be a freelance illustrator in Korea?

In Korea illustrators are actually like Japan, there are more groups working in companies. However, even if you work as a freelance illustrator, most of your work are outsourced from overseas, there are relatively few restrictions between countries.

─── Would you mind tell us about your daily life as a freelance illustrator.

Due to I am freelance illustrator, basically I work from home, so I go to bed, get up, draw a picture and go to bed all over again (lol). Once I get bored, I’ll keep taking walks and exercising to lift my spirit.

─── What kind of business projects have your participated in? Can you share with us the project you have worked or what’s going on?

I'm mainly involved in game-related projects. I have posted them on my Pixiv, you can find them there if you're interested.

It's hard to say about ongoing projects currently, but there are plans to commercialize some of my illustrations in the future, so please look forward to them.

─── Do you have any new plans for the future?

I don't have a clear plan yet, but I would like to publish a personal art book. I have often participated in art book organised by other artists with one or two pieces, but I have never published a personal book, so I would definitely achieve that one day.

─── Where exactly do you get your inspiration for designing your original characters? If you have your own way of doing things, please tell us about it.

I’ll look other illustrations, photos and manga able to find more creative elements, and design around these elements, you can try elements like cool eyes or neat bangs if you are ample inspiration. Pinterest is a site I usually browse.

─── Do you have directions for your commercial activities in the future?Or what kind of commercial projects are you looking for?

After doing the key visuals recently, I desire to work on character design. I'm going to try very hard to learn character impressions and fashion styles, and build up my portfolio.

─── Would you like share your favourite music, films and animation works?

For music I like 'NoPartyForCaoDong'. I also like Vocaloid music, and I've recently listened games music. Movies, well, I hardly watch movies these days, so I don’t remember the name (lol). If it's anime, I've been watching 'SPY x FAMILY' recently.

─── What games have you been into recently?

Recently I cleared“The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures”and was very interesting. I've always loved reasoning and story games, so I've played them as soon as they came out, but“Ace Attorney”is the most satisfying one. All characters are intriguing, I strongly recommended if you haven't play yet.

─── What are your thoughts on the recent popularity of social games?

This year mobile games like“Genshin”, “Blue Archive”and“Uma Musume Pretty Derby”are quite popular. They are cute modelling, make good use of smartphone functions, more gameplay was developed. But it takes a long time to clear, I'm too busy so...that’s sucks (lol).

─── Please tell us your most respected creator.

I respect Soejima Shigenori of the“Persona”series. I think it's amazing that he has created a popular art style with a clear individuality. I really like him even want to be his disciple.

─── Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

There have been many difficult so far, I was able to keep going because of everyone's support. I will keep work hard for present excellent works to everyone.


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