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TerepaInterview40:Illustrator and comic artist Fudagui who Graduate from China Academy of Art!


Artist Name:富大贵(Fu Da Gui)

Twitter: @kuribulb

Weibo: @富大贵

University: China Academy of Art

Major: Illustration and Comics

■Art Gallery

─── First of all, please introduce yourself, how did you name comes from?

Hello everyone, I'm Fudagui,I love coconut flavored things! My current pseudonym "Fu Da Gui" was a prank played by a junior high boy, but I thought it was earthy and sincere also funny, so I kept use it.

(In China, "Fugui"(rich in english) is auspicious but it has a bit of a rustic feel to it, and is often given to men. )

─── You're in Japan now, right? How long have you been in Japan? Would you mind tell us about your life in Japan?

I stayed in Japan for one year in 2017, and then returned to my home country for a while, I started my study trip again in Japan this April.

I think I'm more in touch with the realistic society than before. For instance I can dine and chat with my classmates at school. I’m pretty enjoy the social life and I need it, it was bored stay at home as a freelance illustrator for a long time.

─── Would you like share something interesting or memorable since you came to Japan?

There are a lot of things... I think some of the festivals in Japan are quite interesting. The most impressive thing as Chinese is people eat ramen and gyoza same time in Japan,they are both staple food in China, it's an unusual combination that are full of carbohydrates.

─── How long have you been learning manga? Tell us about the reason you chose creating manga.

Although I majored manga illustration in university, I feel that I have gained more in terms of aesthetic development. The reason why I started to create manga is because I think drawing manga it’s hard and I wanted to challenge myself while I was still young. I learned course and finished my first big assignment almost 3 months, my tutor give me a high evaluation at that time! But the process was really painful... I hope I can be more proficient with my creative.

─── Would you like to introduce your manga story and main character?

This story I created to satisfy own preferences. It's a gender reversal about a boy and girl who have a crush on each other, get in touch and became soul mates. The heroine is the first person view to allows most girls get into character, but she ended up in a dominant position. (bit close to the male gaze) I think this actually many people like it. The boy is just my type, dynamic like puppy and is shy with a bit sassy.

─── We can see you have mastered both black & white manga and color illustration skills. Would you mind tell the learning experience? How long did you develop your skills?

I have been drawing color illustrations for quite a long time, the earliest is hand-drawn, marker and watercolor, and so on. My existing style also follows the texture of the earliest time. I would find a lot of references before painting, same as color drawings, I would find favourite artists to learned their painting methods, the elements that hits me, and then mix them into my own things together.

─── We can feel you have a deep understanding of Japanese traditional culture in your work, would you like tell us what’s the point most appeal to you in Japanese culture? Which parts of it are you spending time to do researching?

I'm not, I didn't, it’s bullshit(lol).[Here she use deny sentence 3 times to show humility, it's a lighthearted humor way express default or ambiguous in Chinese culture.] What first attracted me to Japanese culture was animation, especially in my elementary school I liked

“Inuyasha”, I was quite fascinated by their costumes like sailor suits and Japanese traditional garment, so I have a special feeling for them. About Japan history I mainly learned through anime, such as "Heike Monogatari" and "Inu-Oh" that I watched a while ago.

─── It’s different techniques use to create manga and illustration, how do you usually gather inspiration? Please tell us about your tips and tricks!

There are two kinds of creative techniques, one is to create your oc from appearance preferences, or you inspired by the novel plot you have read. It's actually very difficult to collecting inspiration, I really want to know how amusing the brains of manga artist are, also want to know how to light up inspiration in high frequency!

─── What are the Japanese animation works your appreciate and who is the Japanese creators that you respect? Which works are most influenced you?

I really like "L'étranger de la Plage" write by Kii Kanna, she has a style that makes people feel happy both the illustrations and the manga. I've been reading Wayama Yama's works for a while now, they are also very interesting.

To say who influence me most, I have trace a lot of Arina Tanemura’s color work when I first started to experiment with the animation style, and I like her shojo manga very much.Also I been learned much from Kazuaki.

─── Would you like tell us about the work you're currently working on, and what's your creative direction or theme in the future?

I'm currently working on a summer's a follow-up to a previous project, I want try to tell a story about family ship. I'm not good at logical or imaginative, so I think it's more appropriate to draw something warm soft and cute rather than something amazing.

─── If you had a choice, what would you like to try in commercialization of your work, or business commissions?

I've been working most on creative stationery and game commissions, and recently are more novels illustration for promotional. I don't have a specific preference, but it’s both attractive to me to subject matter or high price. When it comes to commercializing my work, I'm looking forward to having my oc made into a figurine or something reality! I think it will be great! I guess I'll have to practice design oc now. 

─── Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

I hope all creators in industry will always keep their passion! Thank you for all of people who like my drawings, and thank you for finding me among various Artists!


For Fudagui latest works and commercialization plans will be announced on Hobby Terepa. Please stay tuned!

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