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TerepaInterview2 : Cuteness is justice ! Creation interview with social phobic illustrator TWOTWO !


Artist name: TWOTWO

Instagram: twotwo_ermi

University:China Academy of Art

Major: Visual Communication Design

Star Sign: Scorpio

■Art Gallery


This interview is a translation based on the original interview.

──First of all, please introduce yourself!

Hello, I'm TWOTWO, an illustrator who desires freedom, currently, I can't concentrate on my work because I'm preparing to study abroad. My major in university was visual communication design.

──Can you tell us the reason why you became a creator?

I guess I want to express myself in a different way, as a social phobia I need another way to express or convey my emotions other than words. My work is the answer that I found.

──How do you feel about becoming a creator? Is there anything that you have realized to become a creator?

I feel that I made the right choice to become a creator. The word "creation" has become an important part of my life. What I have learned is if I want to create exciting work, I need more practice and settlement of myself.

──Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from beautiful girls! I love drawing girls, and I really have fun designing their hair and clothes, It's a bit like the paper dolls which were my favorite toy as a child.

If I see any elements in my daily life will consider to transformed into girl's clothes or my illustration theme. Of course, there are many ways to get inspiration, such as games or movies, Japanese manga, and so on.

──What do you do when you encounter a bottleneck of creation?

I will never force myself to draw if I encounter a creative bottleneck. Instead, I would take a break, such as playing games. Follow the brain's desire to relax until it wants to go back to the creative, At this time you have regained your passion for painting. To sum up, just relax yourself.

──Would you mind sharing your current coloring method and some of your painting ideas?

Based on my work is often used in print, I prefer riso's colors and printing rules. Although the process will be slow, I like the texture of the riso, also the layering of colors is very attractive to me, so I will probably continue to use riso for future works.

As for painting ideas I am probably in self experimenting with my own ideas. If I were to design a character, I would conceptualize the character's image and elements first. After this stage, I'll consider relating story scenes or placing the objects in the picture, which looks a little bit abstract but shows different ideas to the audience.

──Please tell us how you rate your work!

"Cute, lovely, adorable!" those are the most comments I have received on Social media so far, that’s what I want. My creative philosophy is "cute is justice"! I also give myself a mentality that I will never paint anything that is not cute enough.

──Please tell us what’s your creation plan in the future!

In the future, I want to have more innovative designs for color range and character design, to find more possibilities and business cooperation in my work. I am also eager to succeed in the hand-made book field.

──What are your favorite animation works and authors? Why do you like them? What do you dislike?

I grew up with Japanese animation, so I really admire that. My favorite works are "City Hunter" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". To be honest, City Hunter‘s plot will be old-fashion, but the characterization is very good. Rarely in other works have I enjoyed the entire team members in City Hunter as much as I did. It also has a very delicate emotional portrayal of the main characters. The manga shows a very high level of Mr. Tsukasa Hojo‘s drawing.

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" series has been throughout my life from junior high school to university, I was watch JoJo’s every season of anime. Mr. Araki Hirohiko‘s color range is part of my very favorite, as well as his unique character modeling is very distinct.

Personally speaking, I don't like the harem works, or the plot which is ridiculous.

──Do you usually buy figure merchandise? Would you tell us your favorite?

I have purchased the GSC, Banpresto and Super Figure Revolution series, my favorite manufacturers should be GSC. I bought "The Witcher 3" Yennefer and "City Hunter" Ryo Saeba, and I realize that new characters are fewer accessories than in previous years...... But I have to say that GSC is deservedly proud of its cute character design. The Banpresto and Super Figure Revolution series I purchased was JoJo's Bizarre Adventure’s Giorno Giovanna and Jotaro Kujo. For animation merchandise I prefer the action figure model, it’s feeling good to place the figure in the room, I am also very happy to buy the merchandise used by original manga certainly.

──Thank you for being interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you very much for liking my drawings, please feel kindly to communicate with me, appreciate your comments!


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