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TerepaInterview12:Creative Interview with Illustrator Fabri Who Living in England!


Artist Name: Fabri

Twitter: @aifuuuu

Country: China

Career: Student


Shanghai Jiaotong University, Visual Communication

University of the Arts London, Master Illustration(Master)

■Art Gallery


This interview is a translation based on the original interview in 2021.

──First of all, please introduce yourself!

I am Fabri, you can also call me Aifu. I used to study Visual Communication in Shanghai Jiaotong University, currently a student in University of the Arts London, specializing in MA Illustration. My favorite creation activity is drawing my OC and related stories!

──Are you currently studying in the UK? Would you like share us something interesting about your study abroad related to creation!

Although I am studying in England now, I am basically taking classes online due to the Covid19, rarely even go out. The most interesting thing is I'm trying to input my OC character every assignment as much as I can, and then I'm expectant and tensely for feedback.

──Tell us what you find fascinating about British culture, and your favourite British food! Are you influenced by British style for creation?

I've loved the British style since I was a kid, both Victorian and Edwardian culture appeals to me. Currently the best thing in UK is visiting museums.

When it comes to food ...... I actually find British food was not that bad, the pork pies in supermarket are pretty good.

As for the styles influence I can’t tell yet, you see I've only been in the UK for a short time, but I realize it's mainly helpful in broadening my horizons.

──Please tell us what works and stories you are currently working on?

I'm currently working on two of my original stories, "Lowlands of the Pasture" and "Lynch", I won't spoil the whole content, but I can show you previews here!

──Why did you come up with this story? What inspired you to created your OC and relevant story?

There is no reason for create your preference, I realize my inspiration would continue spring up as long as I’m create my favourite OC. First I drew the draft of my OC , then imagined their life to become a story.

The one that most influenced me was Juan Rulfo(Pedro Baramo), followed by T.S. Eliot(The Waste Land), which felt like a new world when I read it, both of these works have influenced me, so I highly recommend them!

──Your painting style, texture and color range are very distinctive, how did you find your style?

Actually I didn't find my style intentionally. At the beginning, I was just painting as my mind without any rules, and I didn't refer to other's works. At that time, although my paintings were very young, but I already had a style (although they were wrong techniques basically), I will then analyze how other creators of similar styles have tackled the technique.

I would like to try a style that I had never painted until my current style matured a bit. It’s like, if I had been doing impasto with a strong ambient color, I would try a flat painting without the ambient color.

Usually commission is appointed style but private drawings are both personal creations, so my style is not very fixed when I can play free.

──You provided illustrations for PIXIV's VISIONS2022, how you were selected?

I received a direct message from the PIXIV on Twitter, and I still remember how happy I was that time, my efforts were noticed.

──How do you gather inspiration for your work?

Mostly I read novels, poetry and movies, to consider stories about my OCs, and sometimes I come up with ideas in my mind. Then I do search on Pinterest for reference images or motif, museums and wikis are also good choices.

──What is your usual routine during the creation period?

That should be very shitty(lol). Stay up in the middle night and wake up in the afternoon (good kids never do that), even if it's been normal for a while, you’d better never trust my routine back on track.

──What commercial work or projects have you worked on?

I don't usually publish commission work unless requested by the client. Some of the projects I've worked on include Cygames' cards illustration “Rage of Bahamut”, the promotional artwork for“Eternal City”, and the packaging illustration for the makeup brand FlowerKnows.

──Please tell us about your creation plan and what you're doing to get there!

Definitely is only rely on original creation for survival! Although the reality does not yet allow, ......I will take outsourcing commission when I strapped. In fact, I am not feel like doing anything other than original creations, also not really want to do design for personal website or management online store, but in order to accumulate creation funds I have no choice, each time I swear never do typography anymore, but there is always next time as layman hard on, it may be that I am unconsciously try to tuning a style that suits me.

──What’s the artistic expressions and the artists or works you admire?

I have many favorite ways of expressing, no matter what forms, and I'm interested in any media of work once it’s refreshing. My favorite artist is film director Tarkovsky, especially his work "Nostalghia", also highly recommend "Stalker"to everyone!!!

──Please tell us about your favorite Japanese animation works and their influence on you!

There are coungless work I love! If we leave out the mainstream works, my favorite anime would be "Mononoke", "From the New World" and "Angel's Egg". In the manga works, Jun Mochizuki 's "Pandora Hearts" has influenced my fashion taste.

──Have you ever visited Japan? What are your impressions?

I visited Japan once when I was at university. I love Japanese desserts, they're so delicious! Even after I returned home, I asked the friends to buy them for me! Convenience store food is also delicious. FamilyMart should conquer the world (lol).

──Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you for watching this interview, I will keep hard working on the manga, to meet everyone as soon as possible!


PIXIV's VISIONS2022,the art book featuring 170 frontline illustrators, is now available! It includes the work of Illustrator Fabri. Check it out if you're interested!


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