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TerepaInterview43: Creation interview with illustrators Pisukev who use hats as personality markers






University:The One Academy Malaysia


■Art Gallery

─── Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I'm Pisukev, an illustrator based in Jakarta. I like to draw people with funny hats, currently, my main interest is to capture moments and subtle feelings in my artwork.

─── We are curious about your drawing environment. Does your family support your decision? What is the opportunity and enlightenment for you to learn drawing?

Yeah! My family is very supportive, initially, I went to a business school but all I did was draw for my group's business case, things like the mascot, product art, etc. They didn't really go anywhere since it was just a student assignment. so I convinced my parents to let me study art properly at an art school. It took me a while to get them on board since art as a job is not the most stable economically but they ended up being very supportive.

─── The hat is the most distinctive charm of your work. What is the reason you have a deep passion for that?

When I was in art school, my lecturers said it's important for a character to have a distinct silhouette, I initially added hats on every one of the characters because it makes them look distinct from afar. Also, witch girls are very cute in general and a few years later the hats element became my symbol, people like my work.

─── We were astounded to see your works. How did you develop your own style?

Thanks! It's because I want to stand out in school, at the time everyone was doing things like cyberpunk and mecha, I want to do something different from them so I tried to do the opposite of what my friend does. I started looking into things not a lot of people do in my school like surrealism and slice of life.

─── Usually, where did your inspirations come from?

My inspirations usually come from real life, TV shows and movies, and other artists. Recently I started rewatching slice-of-life anime and thought moments from everyday life are beautiful as well. Sometimes I go to art galleries to see art that I won't find on the internet but I've not done that since the pandemic.

─── Tell us about your most satisfying original works!

It's hard to pick, but I think it is this one. I think for the first time since I learn art I managed to make a distinctive art on a subject that I also really like. Before this, I always felt like my work is either lacking in technique, not distinct, or just something I don't want to do so I am really happy with this one.

─── Do your artworks all share the same worldview? if they are related to each other, can you please introduce them to us?

No, they're mostly random characters, I don't plan on doing a consistent world yet since it's fun to explore. But in the future, I would like to make small interrelated stories!

─── Can you talk about an artist you respect? Where did he/she impress you most?

It's really hard to pick one to talk about haha I hope you don't mind if I mention several, but there's this guy named Walter Everett, when I first discovered his work it looks very modern and stylish and I thought he is an active artist but turns out he's been gone since 1946. I am very amazed that his style still looks fresh even to this day. Aside from him I also really respect artists from the golden age of illustration(the 1880s-1920s), seeing the work of old masters that still holds up today makes me wish that my work too will still be enjoyable to people after I'm gone.

For modern artists I really respect the manga author Asano Inio, not only is he an amazing draftsman, but he can capture emotions and feelings so well in his works, also the way he embraces modern technology in his workflow resonates with me!

─── Can you tell us your favorite Japanese anime, comic, movie, or game?

I like so many mangas I think I read most of the mainstream ones, haha, but the one that impacts me the most is this series called Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou/Girls' Last Tour. It's the first time I see a post-apocalyptic setting this beautiful and relaxing, I think that series taught me more about life than I expected.

For video games I've been hooked on Monster Hunter for the last 10 years, I usually don't play a lot of video games but Monhun is an exception.

─── If you were into the Monster Hunter world, what role would you want to play?

I would love to be a monster researcher, it looks like a very exciting job, especially since Monster Hunter has so many new monsters appearing every year, it may guarantee constant fun in the job. I gonna need a hunter to protect me.

─── Do you take drawing as a hobby or do you pursue a related career? What is the employment situation for illustrators in your country?

Ah, currently I am a professional artist! I worked freelance usually for overseas clients so I don't have a fixed workplace, currently, in my country, there are not as many employment opportunities even though we have a lot of talented artists here, but the art industry is growing really fast here recently. I also still draw as a hobby, it's still very fun even after doing it as a job.

─── If your work were to be commercialized, what kind of goods would you like it to attempt?

Anything that earns me money and gets people to see my work! But recently I worked for this clothing company and it feels really nice to see my art in clothes that people wear in their daily life, so in the future I am interested to get my art on clothing and accessories. If it comes to other merch products, I hope it is anything that people carry with them in their daily life! It's interesting to see your art becoming a part of people's lives even for a tiny part.

─── It seems that you already have your own merch products, do you have photos to show us?

It's a pity that I can't show you currently, they are affiliated with other companies and still need some time for release. But they did show me some pictures and I'm pretty excited for them coming out soon haha.

─── We want to hear your attitude about the life in future!

I think life in the future will be full of exciting new technology and opportunity! So far news sites and fiction have conditioned us that the future is gonna be bad and scary, but I'm personally very excited for what the future might bring, our civilization has progressed so much! Like our parents lived a very different life than us without the internet and so many things we use today, the future generation would certainly enjoy even more advancements that we don't have today.

─── Thank you for being interviewed, is there any words like to say to your followers?

Thank you for liking my work even if we don't speak the same language!!


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