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To show vivid visuals through yellow and blue! An active freelance illustrator mna‘s interview!


Artist Name: mna


Country: Japan

Occupation: Freelance illustrator

■Art Gallery

─── Please introduce about yourself.

My name is mna and I've been working as an illustrator since last year.

─── Please tell us why you started to study drawing and how you have progressed as an illustrator.

I have been drawing pictures since I was a child, remember I was happy when my grandmother praised my work, I think that's when I became somewhat good at it. Although I stopped drawing in junior and senior high school, but I never give up my dream of becoming an illustrator and really wanted to enter art university, so I started painting training before my university entrance exams. So for strictly, I was already a university student when I started painting.

─── What is your daily lifestyle like? Do you have any particular methods of inspiration for your work?

Currently I'm stuck at home all day for paint training, so I don't get out much (lol), I know it’s unhealthy lifestyle but......

I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, analyse what attracted me to an image, or I vaguely imagine how that work was painted. I also appreciate the many opportunities to learn about new artists through Pinterest.

─── Mna,would you like tell us about your favourite themes or worldviews in your work?

I often draw "my ideal" in my creations. I think that the yearning for young lady and particular clothes as a symbol of elegance and a luxurious life like a royal family is at the root of my creations.

Here is my favourite motif I have not drawn yet, but I plan to do the themes related to natural science, such as living creatures and the universe. I like to think that there is a reason for living creatures shape and beauty, universe is shrouded in the mystery of time and space......

The excitement that comes from intellectual curiosity inspires me to create. I hope one day to express the mystery hidden in natural science in my illustrations.

The excitement that comes from intellectual curiosity inspires me to create. I hope one day to express the mystery in natural science through my illustrations.

─── It seems that your works are particular in yellow and blue. Please tell us your consider about colors.

I think blue has a sense of transparency and elegance that matches my painting concept, because it is not too heavy even if it’s highly saturated. Yellow is an essential colour to express light, so my preference for light makes it my go-to color.

Also, both colours are fresh coloured in digital form, so I enjoy when I am placing the colours and it is easy to come up with ideas. They are complementary colours, so blue and yellow are easy to use at the same time.

─── Are the girls that appear in your work all your original characters?Do you have a storyline for them?

At first, I wanted to depict classy girls living elegantly, but I felt a little uncomfortable. I don't seem to be good at digging character’s inner world, so I didn't create vivid characters.

But recently, I realized that I was portraying the girls through their impression colours, "These girls are the personification of colour!" I feel relieved when I think about that. Now I already draw red, blue and yellow girls, I'd like to create girls of other colours in the future.

─── Can you tell us about the commercial projects you’ve work on and your business activities?

I've just started working recently, so I haven't done much yet, but I've done illustrations for Vtuber animated illustrations, illustration for birthday celebrations, and illustrations for mobile games.

─── What works do you think are masterpieces (like anime, manga, video games, movies, etc.) and which creators do you most admire?

I'm big fan of Alphonse Mucha ever since I started drawing seriously, and I repeated read his work books. His composition is overwhelming and always make me comfort every time I look at them, I am moved by his technique of highlights the picture protagonist through painting and color contrast.

I also love his colour use. The slow gradation of the entire screen and delicate complementary color make you feel as fresh as digital. He cleverly manipulates hue, lightness, and saturation in his oil paintings, to maintain vividness while splendid depth, that makes me thrilled.

─── What creative themes do you want to challenge in the future? And what is your goals?

I would like to try a illustration series like tarot cards. I have done this several times in the past, it took me a long time to come up with a concept, but the achievement I got when I finished it was indescribable... yes, I felt fulfilment, my paintings as a set is consistent with the image I want. Next time, I want to make a more realistic composition by emphasizing the decoration of the background.

Ultimately, I want to be able to express the images in my brain as faithfully as possible. It's still a long way to go, but I think that's the joy of creation!

─── Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

Thank you for watching my work. Every reaction or comment form you would be my energy! Now I'm still in exploring, you are welcome to testify my development, I wish my work will have a positive impact on you.


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